Nut milk bag vs cheesecloth

Nut milk bag vs cheesecloth: Cheesecloth is a type of loosely woven fabric and a nut milk bag is a cotton, hemp or nylon fabric sewn into a bag. When compared with the best grade cheesecloth, the best nut milk bags filter out finer particles, have stronger threads, and can be reused for a significantly greater number of times.

How do you decide – a nut milk bag vs cheesecloth?

You’ll find answers to this question in this short article, including details about the pros and cons of each option.

We were inspired to create this post after a nut milk bag vs cheesecloth reddit discussion!

What is a Nut Milk Bag?

Nut milk bags are nylon, cotton or hemp bags used for making plant milks with nuts, seeds, coconut or grains. The best nut milk bags can also be used for making juice, cold brew coffee, yoghurt, cheese and more.

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What is cheesecloth?

Cheesecloth is a type of fabric, usually made of cotton that is loosely woven and resembles gauze or mesh.

Most cheesecloth is mid-weight. This means it only has between 40 to 50 holes per inch, which looks more like a loose cotton mesh. 

The best quality cheesecloth has 90 holes per inch, which looks more like a fabric than a mesh.

Cheesecloth is generally sold as a piece. It has no shape and the edges are just cut fabric.

Before modern nut milk bags, it was one of the only straining fabric options available.

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What is the difference between a nut milk bag and cheesecloth?

Are you deciding to buy a nut milk bag, but considering buying cheesecloth instead?

Be careful!

Cheesecloth isn’t the same as a nut milk bag!

Firstly, cheesecloth doesn’t have the very fine filter you need for the richest, creamiest milk.

Your average cheesecloth is about 80 mesh. In other words, you’ll find 80 openings between the threads if you count the number within one square inch of material. 

The nut milk bags we recommend are super fine filters. That’s generally up to 150 to 200 holes per square inch of fabric. 

That means the nut milk bags have very small holes between lots of threads! Small holes will only let small particles through, so you can create a fine creamy milk without sediment.

The higher thread count generally makes the fabric stronger too. In contrast, you can expect cheesecloth to break down quickly. Some will break down after being used just once or twice, even with super gentle hand washing!

That’s why you’re risking blow-outs if you use cheesecloth. When your cheesecloth splits and drops pulp into your milk, you have to start all over again.

Either way, you’ll need to thow it away or compost it soon after buying it.

What a waste!

So essentially, cheesecloth isn’t the same as nut milk bags because it’s weaker and doesn’t have a fine filtration capability.

Fun fact: You’ll often see descriptions of cotton, hemp, and nylon nut milk bag products include the ‘cheesecloth’ keyword. Why? Because people often search for this when they think of nut milk. So, some sellers just add the keyword or tag to show up in search results!

Nutmilk bag vs cheesecloth: The verdict!

Cheesecloth is no comparison to a real nut milk bag.

It generally doesn’t last for more than a couple of uses, because the brittle threads break down very quickly.

In contrast, your nut milk bag will last, giving you perfect results over and over again.

Overall, cheesecloth isn’t the same as a nut milk bag. It’s best to keep it for decorative use only!

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