Nut milk bag vs coffee filter

Nut milk bag vs coffee filter: Overall, nut milk bags are better than coffee filters because they are faster, create less waste, and have more uses. 

You’re considering making plant-based milk and looking for a filter.

“What about a coffee filter?”, you ask.

Nut milk bags and coffee filters often cost about the same. Both are fine filters for liquids.

So, what’s difference? 

Which option is better? Let’s compare!

Here’s what you need to know if you’re weighting up the nut milk bag vs coffee filter question.

What is a Nut Milk Bag?

Nut milk bags are nylon, cotton or hemp bags used for making plant milks with nuts, seeds, coconut and grains. The best nut milk bags can also be used for making juice, cold brew coffee, yoghurt, spouts, micro-greens, cheese and more!

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What is a coffee filter?

A coffee filter is designed to separate ground coffee from the coffee liquid itself.

There are two types of coffee filters:

Disposable Coffee Filters

Disposable coffee filters are strainers that are usually made of paper.
It filters by gravity. The liquid slowly moves through the paper, leaving the solids behind.
Disposable coffee filters aren’t reusable and they can’t be washed. You need to throw them out after each use.


Reusable Coffee Filters

A reusable coffee filter is made of silicone or metal mesh.
They’re formed in a fixed shape.

Like disposable coffee filters, they filter by gravity. The liquid slowly moves through the paper, leaving the solids behind.

reusable coffee filter

What’s the difference?

So, nut milk bag vs coffee filter. How do they compare? Here are some pros and cons:

  • Time: While you can gradually filter nut milk and juice using a coffee filter, don’t be surprised if a batch of almond milk takes you an hour! In contrast, a nut milk bag can process a batch of almond milk within 5-10 minutes.
  • Filtration: Coffee filters have a very fine mesh. On average, they’re slightly finer than fine nut milk bags. This means that you have to keep scraping and stirring your pulp, because the almond meal clog up the filter. In contrast, you can massage and knead the ingredients in a nut milk bag. It’s faster and it also improves the volume of liquid you can filter from your ingredients. Nut milk bags filter just as well and give you a better yield.
  • Waste: Disposable coffee filters create a lot of waste. For example, you’ll need multiple coffee filters to strain one batch of nut milk. Reusable filters and nut milk bags don’t have this problem.
  • Uses: It’s generally not feasible to make sprouts or micro-greens using a coffee filter because you can’t pull them closed to keep the moisture in.

Overall, nut milk bags are better than coffee filters because they are effective at filtering while also being faster, creating less waste, and having more uses!

Enjoy smooth home-made nut milk, oat milk and more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a coffee filter to make almond milk?

If you squeeze a paper coffee filter, you can strain a small quantity of almond pulp.

But, you need a lot of paper filters and it takes a long time to do one batch.


Coffee filters aren’t as porus as nut milk bags, so you have to wait longer for the straining process.

Can you use a coffee filter to strain juice?

Using a coffee filter to strain juice is a very slow process.

If you want to use a disposable coffee filter, you need to use the coffee filter paper to line a seive before you start straining.

A nut milk bag is much faster. With a coffee filter, the straining will take a long time. 

Can you use a coffee filter to strain oat milk?

There’s no need to use a coffee filter to strain oat milk. A nut milk bag works great.

It’s faster and you can squeeze the bag to work more oat milk out of the blended oats.

Your milk will be more creamy and less watery when you use a nut milk bag.

After reading this…

… you probably have oat milk, juicing, and almond milk on your mind!

They’re all easy to make with a nut milk bag!

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