Nut milk bag vs jelly bag

Nut milk bag vs jelly bag: Jelly bags tend to be much smaller and more fragile than nut milk bags, and so they don’t have as many uses as nut milk bags.

How do you decide – a nut milk bag vs jelly bag?

You’ll find answers to this question in this short article, including details about the functions of each type of bag.

What is a Nut Milk Bag?

Nut milk bags are nylon, cotton or hemp bags used for making plant milks with nuts, seeds, coconut or grains. The best nut milk bags can also be used for making juice, cold brew coffee, yoghurt, cheese and more.Fancymay Nut Milk Bag


What is a Jelly Bag?

A jelly bag is also known as a jelly bag strainer or jam strainer. It’s designed for straining pips and seeds out from cooked fruits and berries.

The process mostly uses gravity, although sometimes a spoon is gently used to speed the process up. The liquid is then used for the recipes.

Essentially, we’re just talking about a fruit strainer for making jelly/jam.

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What is the difference?

Are you deciding to buy a nut milk bag, but considering a jelly bag instead?

Be careful!

Jelly bags are usually less than 14 cm wide x 16 cm tall in size. This means that they have a smaller volume than nut milk bags, which should be about 23 cm or 9″ square or larger.

Why does this matter?

Firstly, jelly bags are designed to process a smaller quantity of ingredients.

Secondly, the process required to strain pips and seeds out of boiled fruit is gentle.

Because they’re designed for smaller volumes and gentle processes, jelly bags are generally made with a less sturdy fabrication methods.

On the other hand, nut milk bags are designed to process larger volumes and take some real punishment in the process!

Kneading and squeezing the liquid out of raw nuts, seeds, or juice pulp needs a strong bag.

Finally, you can grow sprouts in a bag. But you need a larger bag, like a nut milk bag, to allow room for them to grow and for air to circulate so they don’t go mouldy.

A little fragile jelly bag really isn’t suited to anything but jelly/jam.

The verdict?

We recommend you buy a nut milk bag, not a jelly bag, if there is any possibility you’ll ever want to make anything other than jelly/jam!

Jelly bags are only suited to straining juice from cooked fruit so the liquid can be made into jam/jelly.

Nut mIlk bags can do this and more.

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